Pros VS. Cons When Hiring An Entrepreneur

I came a cross a wonderful article written by Rocco Sannelli for Fox Business that was Published on June 13th of 2014 called “6 Pros and Cons to Consider When Hiring an Entrepreneur” in the article Rocco gives 3 pros for hiring an entrepreneur and 3 cons when hiring a entrepreneur. In the three pros he gave was that entrepreneurs have vision, they’re risk takers, and entrepreneurs go beyond the job description and understands relationships. On the other hand, Rocco also lists and explains the cons to hiring a entrepreneur which are… entrepreneurs are hard to retain, potential competitor, not good at working in teams. I’m not sure if I particularly agree with his cons seemingly that everyone’s psyche tends to differ given that individuals over all personality in my opinion any way, for more information on his article I’ve provided an website source below.



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Q&A: I’m interested in learning what you thought about Rocco’s article, Do you believe the pros and cons listed in the article closely resonate with you?

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