Have Your E-Book Illustrated, Edited, and Formatted for $5 With Fiverr

Yes. It’s possible people! Get your first e-book published in record time by outsourcing with Fiverr.com and have your e-book edited for $5 while spending no more then $20 to cover for other services. Save yourself the time, money, and trouble with your e-book by outsourcing with Fiverr. Why spend $10, $20, $30, or $40 an hour to have your e-book or cover illustrated, edited, and or formatted? When you can have this done for you for $5–not sure about you but I believe in keeping my money in my pocket and not breaking the bank. With that said I decided that I am going to utilize Fiverr’s services again but this time for my e-book.

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-Working From Home With Stacey